8 Signs That A Guy Is Not Into You

Have you ever read and re-read a text from a guy to determine whether or not he's into you? You know what I'm talking about. I'm talking full Nancy Drew - analyzing every emoji, counting how many words he sent you, timing how long it takes for him to reply. Y'know, crackin' the codes. You can't tell me I'm the only one. We've all been there.

I've been overanalyzing texts from guys from the day I started dating. Going back to the very first guy, on the very first date (wassup, Jake). Dating is new and exciting in your 20s. You're out of school (for some), have some type of career path figured out, and you're just now starting to realize who you are in this world. So let's put the phones down and stop playing the guessing games, and instead let's start analyzing these men like adults.

Today I'm going to talk about the 8 signs that a guy will show if he's just not that into you. And then maybe tonight you can rest your eyes instead of trying to decrypt his texts.

1. He's So Invested In His Phone, But Not Texting You Back

Every time you two hang out he seems to always pay more attention to his phone than to you. It's so frustrating when you talk to him, because you don't even think he's listening. His head is down, and his thumbs are typing a message to somebody who definitely isn't you. Sound familiar?

If this guy is so deeply attached to his phone, why does he never text you back? The answer is clear as day...

2. You Drive All The Conversations

He finally sets his phone down and you have a chance to engage in some normal conversation. But wait... he's still not looking at you. He clears his throat, sits up straight in his chair, and looks around the room while wiping his hands on his pants. Is he looking for something to talk about? Or is he just waiting for his phone to vibrate on the table again.

You start to sweat and think, "Oh boy, this is why they say don't go on dinner dates." So you say the first thing that comes to your mind, "So you said you work this week?" Did that even make sense? Absolutely not, but you needed to say something. Anything to get a conversation started. You want to talk to him, and get to know him, but the conversation is one sided.

If this ever happens to you, just remember you're not awkward- he is. Probably because he doesn't like you #ToughLove

3. He Doesn't Walk Next To You When You're Together

This is probably my biggest pet peeve when dating guys. I don't care if you're a hetero couple or a gay couple - do not let your man walk in front of you! You guys are out on a date, experiencing the world together. Do it side by side. If a guy liked you, he would walk next to you the entire night, not 6 feet ahead. #Rude

4. He's Always Too Busy

The way I see it - we're all busy. We all work, go to school, have pets, have kids, go to the gym, need to go grocery shopping, blah Blah BLAH! We're all here together in this beautiful now, whether we're busy or not. And truth is, we're only going to get busier.

Do not let anyone ever tell you they're too busy to be with you. You get one life, and it's going to be a busy one from beginning to end. If this guy likes you, he'll find time in between all of his "busy" to be with you. So if you get the "I'm just really busy" text, take it as a hint that you shouldn't waste your precious time.

5. You Haven't Met His Friends

He has friends, right? Does he? Well you wouldn't know because you've never met them. You may have heard him refer to his bros before, but why haven't you met them yet? Guys are programmed to be show offs. If he wants you, he's gonna be excited about you, and brag to his friends about how awesome you are. He'd want to show you off, because he looks good next to you and you look good next to him. All of his friends would be so jealous.

However, you never get the invite. And maybe he really doesn't have any friends...which is even scarier.

6. He Talks To You About His Love Interests

You did it! You finally broke his shell and he's finally opening up to you. You talk about your favorite things, movies you like, foods you hate, places you've been and everything seems all right with the world. The conversation is going smoothly until - uh oh... "Who the hell is Taylor?"

Somehow your beautiful conversation has turned into a vomit inducing monologue about "Taylor". "Who the f*** is Taylor?!" Whoever it is, he can not shut up about them. Wow Taylor must be so lucky. On the bright side, it sounds like this guy trusts you enough to talk about his love interests...even if it's not you. Welcome to what we millennials like to call #TheFriendzone

7. He Flirts With Everyone

Not only is this guy now talking to you about his love interests. He's flirting with everybody! Like everybody... Even your friends. You get jealous and wonder if he would be jealous if you would flirt with his friends (that you still haven't met yet). Truth is, he probably couldn't care less about who you flirt with. Why? Because he doesn't like. #ImJustHereToHelp

8. You Can Tell He Doesn't Like You

The most valuable dating advice I have ever received is this:
"If something doesn't seem right, something is not right."
Make this your mantra. Always trust your gut. If you think something is wrong in your relationship, something is probably wrong. This means it's either time to have a conversation, or to cut things off.

Uh oh... Does your guy show these signs? DON'T FREAK OUT! My advice for the end of this post is simple.... When in doubt, just ask him.


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