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Survival Of The Hottest: Dating Apps Ruined Dating

"As if the feeling of rejection wasn't common enough in the world already, now we can feel it anytime we want with the swipe of a finger." -KnightLast night I met my friend at a bar for a few drinks. We were celebrating the fact that we didn't have to work the next day. Granted we haven't known each other that long, we were very comfortable talking with one another about personal things. So we drank White Claw after White Claw, talking about the past and making fun of our exes all night. I was telling him about my toxic history with a guy from NASA when he told me that he recently got out of a five year relationship with somebody that he met back in college.

My immediate reaction of course was to say, "Oh my, I'm so sorry." To which he replied by telling me that he was the one to break things off with his boyfriend. My sympathy turned to praise as I applauded him for realizing that he wasn't happy and then doing something about it. Then I went …

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